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  • ■-- Chinese telec●ommunications

    s given as a■ result of th◆e company's effor〓ts to "attr○act and dev●elop talent and t◆he advantageous cond■itions it gives○ its workers● in areas s●uch as: str

ategy, ●planning of the○ workforce, on-b●oarding, traini◆ng and

he top■ employers◆ 2017 by the Top E

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development, ■leadership ○development,○ career managem●ent, compe◆nsation, benefit〓s and culture."T■he Top Employers In〓stitute evalu●ates a total of 585 〓"good practices■" when making its ◆judgements and●, on a glo

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m●ployers Institu●te

b〓al level, ■Huawei Spain was one◆ of 1,200 ●companies around the〓 world to make ◆the list."Thi◆s is a con〓firmation for Huaw■ei that what we are○ doing in t○erms of talent is ■going in t◆he right direc●tion. Certi

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, a global ◆certification com●pany recogni

ficates ■such as Top Empl◆oyers motiva〓te us to contin○ue developing action●s, such as our r〓ecent strategy ○for attract〓ing and developi〓ng young talent ca〓lled 'Choi■ces and Steps' an〓d our new technology● trainin

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    April 20, 2013

    for their peopl◆e.Huawei

    g programs●, 'Leading ◆in the LTE era'," ○commented Maria Lu◆isa Melo, dir〓ector of i○nstitutional ■relations and comm○unication f●or Huawei Spain.&nb●s

    S●pain confi●rme
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    April 20, 2013

    d the news ◆on Thursday t

    p;Please scan the 〓QR Code to fo○llow us on Instag○ramPlease scan th●e QR Code ◆to follow us on Wec◆hatFormer O〓culus VR head 〓scientist t◆o join HuaweiF

    h●at it was am●o
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    April 20, 2013

    ng 81 companie■s in Spain

    or●mer Oculus VR ◆head scien■tist to join Hu○aweiFormer Oc■ulus VR head sc●ientist to join◆ Huawei12-3○0-2016 15:48〓 BJTSteve La●Valle, the ■former chi

    t◆o receive this
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    April 20, 2013

    recog●nition on Wed●nes

    ef〓 scientist for Oculu■s who's now a pro◆fessor at the Univer●sity of Illinois ◆at Urbana-Champa○ign, said on his Fa●cebook page ◆that he will join Hu●a

    day, jo■ining a l
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